What is Erasmus+?

What is Erasmus for me?

Erasmus means teamwork. It can be very well described with the saying: "Teamwork makes the dream work". It gives me the feeling that everything we do, we do together and nobody is ever left out. In other words we are never alone. That's what amazes me so much about Erasmus.

Year 2022

In the week beginning 20th March, students from Romania, Turkey, Poland and Greece met with the German students from our school, Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium. We started our exchange with a tour through Aachen in which we visited for example the Elisenbrunnen, Katschhof and the city hall. One of my favorite aspects was the visit to the European Parliament in Brussels. In September we traveled to Turkey (Istanbul) and worked together with the students from the school.

Year 2021

Students from Turkey,Germany,Poland,Romania and Greece came together in online meetings on Zoom. We discussed solutions to climate change. With a good team spirit we were able to find solutions together. Unfortunately, because of Covid, we weren’t able to meet face to face. But that doesen’t stop us to work together!


Corona year 2020

This year was a special year. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the meetings were cancelled. It was unfortunate that we didn't have the opportunity to meet in person: hopefully we can catch up on that this year. But I still like the way our teachers organized the online meetings, and how we managed to do everything, despite the circumstances. The most important experience I gained during this time was mainly how to use tools like Canva, Power Point and editing programs for school projects. That is a reason why I chose this project.

There are so many different topics to discuss which will help me in the future, and I think that it will be fun when we finally start with the "real" project and the meetings with the partner schools. (A., student)

You can find the official Erasmus+ website here